Social Media Listening Audit: Chick-fil-A

Sarah Scott

This blog post will be looking at the content on Chick-fil-A’s Instagram pages and the posts in the last month. Currently, their Instagram page has 1.7 million followers. They post about their food, the community that they attract, and the services that they provide. They include a lot posts of people that dine-in, and this includes posts of people who are on a date, even including a post of a couple who has been together for 66 years. This helps you to see that they are more than just a company that sells food. They show that they are focused on building community through having them come in and share a meal. 

It’s no secret that Chick-fil-A is a fast food company, that have all manners of chicken-based products like sandwiches, wraps, grilled and friend nuggets, and salads. They also have drinks and deserts, like milkshakes, frosted coffee and lemonade, cookies, and ice cream. They also have sides like their waffle fries, soups, mac and cheese, fruit cups etc. They even have large trays of their food that people can use for parties. People can dine-in, go through the drive-thru, get catering, or even order food to be delivered to their homes. For one of our class events, we got Chick-fil-A platters to feed everyone who was there, and one time a friend brought over a platter for my family during a difficult time. Many people see Chick-fil-A as a nicer fast-food restaurant and a place that people feel is a place that they can go and hang out with friends and family. Everyone knows that the employees say things like “It’s our pleasure and have a blessed day.” Chick-fil-A was founded based on Truett Cathy’s work-ethic and biblical principles, which is why Chick-fil-A is closed on Sundays. People even have their Bible studies at Chick-fil-A. This adds to the community feel that Chick-fil-A puts forward for their company. Chick-fil-A gives back to the community through scholarships and charitable donations. They even have a foundation that supports the youth.  

Social Media Analysis

Using RivalIQ, I did a social media listening audit to find out the top five posts on Chick-fil-A’s Instagram page. Success is measured by likes and engagement rates.

This is an overview of the top 5 posts from the last month.

Post 1: The first one was one the leap day in February, which calls for people to come and get a meal to celebrate having an extra day in the month. It had 49.2 thousand people engage with the post, which is a 2.83% engagement rate. I think this post did well because it was timely having been posted on a day that only comes every four years. The social media manager could learn how to use a special day to post something. Underneath this post a lot of people were hoping for free food, which might help to increase engagement.

Post 2: The second post was posted on a Friday and got 48 thousand engagements, which is a 2.76% percent engagement. This post uses the phrase, “My pleasure,” to give it an emotional feeling that fits with the feeling of getting off work on a Friday. Then you have two of the employees smiling and looking happy. It’s also posted at a time that is when the second most traffic is on their pages. That is why I think that this post did well. The social media manager could learn from using such a popular phrase and emotion associated with the company and implement that in future posts.

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Post 3: This post is a short video that is inspired by the coronavirus about “staying in.” They say, “Because you care enough to stay in, we’ll come to you,” prompting you to order food to get delivered to you at home so that you don’t go out. They include a call to action by putting a link in their bio so that they can go and order food through their app. This post is also relevant to what is happening in the world. It got 36.1 thousand engagements, which is a 2.05% engagement rate. The social media manager could learn that by tapping into what is happening in the world and showing care makes for future good posts.

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Post 4: This post was posted on a Tuesday towards the end of the day and got a 32.1 thousand engagement, which is a 1.85% engagement rate. It was slightly humorous to say that they were interrupting the scrolling on Instagram users to talk about food. The social media manager could employ future humor in their posts to increase engagement.

Post 5: This is the fifth most engaged with post with 30.5 thousand engagements, which is a 1.75% engagement rate. This post was on a Wednesday at 4 in the afternoon, which is a time of day that is associated with more engagements. This post is bright and makes me feel hungry. On top of that, the caption is “Hello Beautiful” with a heart eyes emoji. This adds an element of emotional connection. The social media manager could use more bright colors and emotions to build a connection with their customers.

Proposed Future Post

I actually took this picture a while back, but I have changed the caption for this proposed post. Since people cannot go into the Chick-fil-A and enjoy time with their friends due to social distancing, I thought that using the phrasing would be talking about a timely and relevant thing and then using something that people can still do. People still will be hanging out with their significant others and they can still enjoy a coffee together by ordering it delivered to them or by going through the drive-thru. People on social media have been talking about how this is a time to refocus on family and those close to you. So, I think that this post would be timely and encouraging those who are close to each other to continue to focus on their relationships. This would draw on the same emotional connection that worked for the posts above. This post would go live on a Friday around 4 p.m. because Friday nights are generally considered a date night, and 4 p.m. is the time that more people are online.

From RivalIQ about the best time for engagement.

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