Entertainment Engagement

By: Sarah Scott

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

We take to social media to talk about our favorite shows, movies, and games with our friends and other likeminded people. Fandoms are even created around this idea. We can even take it a step further and interact with the entertainment brands and those involved in the show’s production. This helps us to feel like we have a connection with them. 

“Some 42% are visiting social networking sites (while watching television) — a trend that is greater among women”— and nearly a third are checking sports scores or looking up information related to the TV program they’re watching.”

“How People Use Smartphones and Tablets While Watching TV” Mashable

Techcruch says that 71 percent of the people who are using a ‘second screen‘ are using it to look up something related to the show. For me, I use my phone to look up what other shows an actor or actress has been in, or if they are indeed who I think that they are.

This is beneficial for these entertainment brands, both small and large, to know and implement in their strategies when marketing. These entertainment brands can reach a large audience through social media, and they need to know how to make the most of the fan’s need for a connection. Many entertainment brands will be on social media when they launch a new product, film, or episode. As this week’s lecture for class said, “Viewers are looking for more interaction and engagement from TV and film–much like their own social media networks.” The Voice airs new seasons, they’ve posted stories where fans engage by guessing what songs that the singers will sing and who they will pair with.

“Fuller says, “We are, as storytellers, in the business of curing loneliness and disconnection. Social media helps people connect.”

“‘Pretty Little Liars’ changed the game with social media, and TV will never be the same” Mashable

However, not everything about social media is great. Some independent creators have found their old comments being dug up and used against them to ruin any career that they have built for themselves even if they have since changed. Of course, any social media content also has the ability to influence a populace, and the responsibility falls on the creator to think of the implications of putting out certain content.

Despite the drawbacks to using social media, it is a tool that can be used for good. Creators can put out content that lets people fulfill their needs in a good way. People can be entertained, learn something new, or feel an emotional connection.

Proposing an original show for KSU SOCM students

If Kennesaw State University decided to put out a series of episodes about their students, they could potentially connect with potential students and persuade them to enroll at the school. The series would be best as a reality show that would be centered around a group of college students, who are figuring out the college experience, chosing classes and majors, making new friends, and any internships or volunteer opportunities that the students are doing. Of course, there would be scene of the students going to school events and functions, and maybe even some some of romance to ensure that the series shows both the fun and interesting side of the college experience and the mundane side of college. The series final episode could end around the students graduating and finding good jobs.

Photo by Ekrulila on Pexels.com

Since this show would target a young audience, YouTube would probably be a great place to share some videos between 10-15 minutes long. According to Hootsuite, 81% of 15-25 year-olds in the U.S. use YouTube, and each visitor spends an average on 11 minutes and 24 seconds on YouTube every day. This show would also be likely watched and shared by current students at Kennesaw State University, so sharing this on YouTube would also be a good place to share it with them. These videos would be posted on Saturday since Saturday is the day that most college students are taking a break from school and would be the most likely to watch videos. Of course, these videos would be shared on other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter in order to direct the potential and current students over to watch the videos on YouTube. This is an example of what a post for Instagram could look like:

Just like The Voice did the Instagram story could perhaps have a place where the students can ask questions to the cast. In addition, the stories could be a place to share personal interviews with the cast or even professor and advisors from the college. The following is an example of the kind of story post could be used:


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