What YouTube Thinks You Want

Sarah Scott

How many times do you look down to see what YouTube is recommending as your next video? How many times is it something totally unrelated? Right now, I am listening to a K-Pop song by the band EXO, and I looked down to my recommended and see a video about Power Rangers, which I have never watched nor looked up. It is also totally unrelated to the video I am currently watching. In an article on Mashable written by Alex Perry it talks about how YouTube will soon allow you to block recommendations from certain channels. Right now you can say you are not interested in a certain video, but in the future you will be able to block channels you don’t want to see.

My recommended videos

YouTube has been constantly evolving, trying to meet consumer and creator expectations. Consumers want to see more of what they like. I know I do. Sometimes YouTube gives me good recommendations. Sometimes the whole Up Next and Recommended section is a bunch of other K-pop songs that I do indeed like to watch, but other times it is full of random videos. YouTube creating this blocking feature is giving more control over what is shown to the consumer. After all, YouTube wants people to watch videos on their platform. So, of course, YouTube would like to show consumers more of what they like and less of what they don’t like. Spotify has a don’t play a certain song or album feature that allows consumers to hear more of what they want, and YouTube providing a similar feature should prove to be beneficial to the platform. YouTube had a good start with the not interested button, but being able to block whole channels will give even more control.

Not Interested Feature

The YouTube blog says, “Although we try our best to suggest videos you’ll enjoy, we don’t always get it right, so we are giving you more controls for when we don’t.” It is important for a platform to give some control to their consumers because they can always find a new platform in order to find more of what they want. So, a platform needs to find a way to cater to their audience in order to keep them coming back. The Mashable article says, “Again, it will be a long time before YouTube’s problems go away. But simply letting us rid our homepages of the site’s worst channels is better than nothing, for now.”

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